Falling Naira and solution

Falling Naira and solution

Living in Nigeria is hard, I am suffering the effects of the Falling Naira on the parallel market as the prices of goods and services have continued to rise. It continues to get worse everyday and I tell you living in Nigeria just got tougher.  As if, it is not bad enough, the two biggest political parties have been throwing blame games and I wonder how that will save our currency.

The simple reason why we have Falling Naira is ‘NOBODY WANTS NIGERIA NOT EVEN NIGERIANS’.

I am not here to go into details of how we got here but to help us look at things differently. Everywhere I go, all I hear is complaints with little or no solutions. Almost everyone I have spoken to about this issue keeps asking “Why are we not producing ordinary toothpick in Nigeria?” but none of them has written a business plan on the production of toothpicks in Nigeria. This makes me worry as I am 110% sure complaining doesn’t solve problems.

Falling Naira is a problem, we all must come together and do something about it. We cannot keep complaining and do nothing about it. In the spirit of doing something about it, I have decided to blog about it. I will not go into details of what the government needs to do to save the Naira but will list something Nigerians can do to save the Naira.

  • Patronize Made in Nigeria: Nigerians need to understand the reason why we need to patronize ourselves. Let me try to explain with this simple example. If you own a barbing salon, majority of your customers will live in Nigeria, so if you don’t buy what Nigerians make, the less likely your customers can pay for a haircut. So look at it this way “Buying Nigeria makes Nigerians richer. Richer Nigerians means business growth. Dangote
  • Talk about Solutions not Problems: I see this as one of the greatest challenges of Nigerians. I find it funny that most government workers go to work to talk Nigeria’s problems but never talk solutions. These are the closest people to the government and should only talk, think and make solutions. We all need to understand ‘For every problem, there is a solution‘. Talking problems leads nowhere but more problems.
  • Start or Support a Business: Nigeria needs to be self-sufficient before we can export. We need to reduce our importation and the only way to do this is to create businesses. If we have to stop importing toothpick we need to start producing toothpick. The economy looks scary but this is the best time to start a business in Nigeria.
  • Think Positive and Believe in Nigeria: This is the most important of all. We need to think positive. We need to believe in ourselves. I find it scary that an average Nigerian thinks negative first. A Nigerian will tell you 2 billion reasons why it won’t work, forgetting that there are 10 billion reasons why it will work. If we can switch our negativity to positivity, the world is ours.
  • Nigerians are Good People: I really wonder how we got this wrong. I wonder why we think Nigerians are bad people or fraudsters. It is no doubt that about 1% of Nigerians are bad but why should we allow the actions of 1% or less make us conclude that the remaining 99% are bad or fraudsters. We need to change our first impression from “First treat a Nigerian as fraud until proven otherwise” to “First treat a Nigerian as good until proven otherwise.”

I really love Nigeria and wish us the best. These are trying times but what we do now determines what we become. We cannot continue complaining and expect things to change, we need to take actions to save the Naira.

Please, feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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