Why I failed at blogging one year after

Why I failed at blogging one year after

why i failed at blogging

About a  year ago, I started this blog and promised myself I was going to blog every week. I was so determined and happy when I wrote my first post. While trying to make myself keep to my promise, I decided to share my goal and dreams as my first post believing it will keep me focused and determined.
Unfortunately, I failed at blogging. I got over the excitement of blogging and before I knew it I abandoned my blog. After the second post I got lost. Did not know what to write about. I ran away from my blog. I disappointed myself and kept telling myself every week “I will look for a topic and blog next week” but never did. I am forcing myself to write this even though i am not sure what to write.

I think it will help me say why I failed at blogging and what I should have done differently. As I state why I failed, I will explain why i failed at blogging and how I should have resolved it.

1. I was trying to be PERFECT: This is the greatest mistake I made. I forgot I was human and prone to errors. I wanted my blog to be the best, without errors and every post better than the previous post. This is not a bad thing but I tell you, it is the wrong thing. It is alright not to be perfect just seek perfection and learn as you grow. I forgot I could only become perfect if I keep blogging and learning as I blog. There is no perfect blog.

2. I thought no one would read it: Sometimes being behind the wheel does not mean you believe in the engine of the car. I forgot the power of the internet and doubt my internet presence for no reason. How this happened and why, I really can not explain. All I know is I just thought you were not going to read this.

3. I was not documenting daily activities: I will call this the root of my failure. I didn’t know the power of documentation. Because, I did no documentation I had nothing to talk about. By weekend, all the great things I did during the week were not interesting again because I could not refresh my memory. I have learnt from my Boss and friend JR Kanu to always document and as I have started I am not looking back.

4. I gave myself stupid targets: I keep asking myself why I gave myself that kind of target. A blog post every week!!! I am not saying it is  impossible but it highly depends on my schedules. I will take back my promise on my first post and say I will blog whenever I feel like. My commitment to weekly took the fun from me and made it feel like a job I didn’t want.

5. It does not have to be long: I later found out the shorter the better. People do not want to read long stories. I thought the longer the better but i was wrong. My bad.

6. I feared what you will say: After missing a week, I was afraid what people will say if I continued blogging afterwards. All I can say is fear kept me silent till today. Fear is dangerous, we all need to get ride of it.

This is why I think I failed. Since I know why I failed, my problem is half solved. I look up to myself to ensure the six  things above don’t stop me again.

Shine on Jacob. You can blog again.

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  • Ayokunle atilayo

    When you understand why u failed at something, i think the problem more than half solved, moreover perfection for me is a state of utopia, u can only wish to attain. Nice post by the way, hope to see more soon. All is well that ends well. Kisses.

    January 25, 2016 at 12:23 pm Reply
  • Segun Famisa

    Thanks for this Jacob!
    Turns out we’ve had similar symptoms. I intend to work on this.

    Thanks again.

    January 27, 2016 at 11:55 am Reply
  • Olayode 'KielSoft' Ezekiel

    A common saying in Yoruba-land: “… when ‘God’ has revealed who your enemy is to you, then he is powerless”. Inversely, that is not always the case, you are to be watchful. Stay hungry and foolish (#steveJobs)

    January 28, 2016 at 3:29 am Reply
  • Kheme

    Welcome to the club, gentlemen 🙂

    October 24, 2016 at 6:44 pm Reply
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